Stainless Steel Instrument Cabinets, Flat Top, Stainless Steel Shelves

•  Glides
•  Casters
•  Stainless Steel Shelves
•  Solid Doors
•  Recessing Flanges for built in units
•  Sloped top
•  Type 316 stainless steel
•  18 or 24 inch deep cabinets
•  24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inch wide
•  Custom styles and sizes available

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Stainless steel instrument cabinets provide maximum storage on four stainless steel shelves.  Adjustment of shelves every 1/2″.  Instrument cabinet features  locking door latch, type 304 stainless steel shell, ¼” clear safety glass hinged doors and flat top.  Each cabinet is built per order allowing modifications to be made to each stainless steel instrument cabinet.  This 16 inch deep cabinet needs to be attached to the wall for stability.  If not, when the door swing open, the cabinet will be front heavy and fall forward.  The 24 inch deep cabinet is recommended for stainless steel cleanroom cabinets with wheels.

•  Single wall construction
•  Constructed of type 304, #4 finish, stainless steel
•  18 gauge stainless steel
•  Locking handle
•  4 adjustable stainless steel shelves
•  4.00″ toe kick recessed 3.00″
•  1/4″ clear safety glass doors
•  Flat top
•  Hinged doors
•  All welded design