Stainless Steel Cabinets, Glass Doors, Sloped Top, 4 Shelves

•  Glides
•  Casters
•  Tempered glass shelves
•  Solid cabinet doors
•  Recessing flanges for built in units

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Stainless Steel Supply Cabinets – Sloped Top – 4 Shelves – Safety Glass Doors – 16″D x 48″W x 79″H   CRW-7971SS

You can store and easily retrieve all of your cleanroom instruments, supplies, and equipment, thanks to this stainless steel cabinet with glass doors. The heavy duty 18 gauge stainless steel (cabinet body and outer door frames) and 20 gauge stainless steel (door inserts) ensure that this cabinet can stand up to the harsh environments of cleanrooms and labs.

The cabinet’s type 304 stainless steel isn’t magnetic, which means that the cabinet can be placed near electronic equipment. The type 304 stainless steel is also less susceptible to intergranular corrosion, as well as the general corrosion and pitting that can come from frequent use of cleaning solutions.

The cabinet’s four adjustable shelves make it easy to organize all of your supplies and instruments, and the locking door latch secures the contents in the cabinet. The glass doors on the cabinet are made from tempered safety glass, and the sloping top on the cabinet helps prevent dust from collecting.

•  304 #4 polished stainless steel
•  18 gauge stainless steel on the cabinet body and outer door frames
•  20 gauge stainless steel on the door inserts
•  4 adjustable stainless steel shelves
•  Sloped cabinet top
•  Tempered safety glass cabinet doors