Air Showers, Stainless Steel

•  Straight Thru
•  Standard Profile
•  Single Door
•  ADA Compliant
•  Stainless Steel Walls and Cabinet 304 #4 Finish
•  Raised Floor Return – Stainless Steel
•  42″ Wide Doors
•  External Mount Magnetic Interlocks

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Cleanroom Air Showers serve to protect your cleanroom environment from unwanted contamination. Air showers can greatly enhance your cleanroom’s performance by removing surface contamination from clothing and cleanroom garments. Gowning/changing room areas are the interface between a dirty “street clothes” environment and a clean room environment. Unfortunately, the changing or gowning process itself releases contaminants from street clothes that can settle onto the “clean” garments. Air showers blow off and remove much of this contamination preventing it from entering the clean space.

The cleanroom air shower is constructed using heavy gauge painted steel (no particle board) to minimize particle generation. The air shower provides air flow of approximately 1900 CFM through 32 adjustable nozzles yielding a 7800 LFPM nozzle air velocity with optional 9100 nozzle velocities.

The air shower has a knock-down design that allows ease-of-installation and flexibility in use. The air shower can be shipped knowcked down or completely assembled. When it is shipped knock-down all parts fit through a standard door. All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower. The unit also offers an optional design that allows all the installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower.

The air shower produces high pressure air, filters this air through a HEPA/ULPA filter, then flows the air through adjustable nozzles which exit at a high velocity. The air is then recirculated back to the high pressure blower, where it is pre-filtered then HEPA/ULPA filtered and ducted back to the adjustable high velocity cleaning nozzles. The Series 701 provides approximately 1900 CFM total. With this high air flow volume (power) and the high nozzle velocity (force), the people inside the air shower are cleaned faster and more effectively. There are 32 adjustable air nozzles in each standard air shower section – 16 per side. The nozzles are aluminum with a clear anodized finish. They have a 1.2 inch inside diameter, with approximately 7800 LFPM (9000 LFPM peak) nozzle velocity.

•  Durable and cleanroom approved painted cold rolled steel shell
•  No silicone used – only low out-gassing epoxy or urethane sealant
•  (2) anodized aluminum framed safety glass doors with hydraulic door closures|
•  (1) LED recessed light fixture with wall switch
•  (2) removable high pressure interior nozzle wall panels
•  (1) 5HP (3.7kW), 3600 RPM sealed ball bearing continuous duty motor (motor meets or exceeds US EP Act and NRCan Canadian efficiency standards)
•  (1) superior efficiency direct drive aluminum air foil wheel
•  7800 FPM (39.62 m/s) average nozzle velocity
•  1900 CFM (0.9 m3/s) Average
•  (1) 24x24x11.5, 99.97% HEPA filter
•  (4) wall return air grills with 10x20x1 MERV 8 Prefilters
•  (1) 2½ inch diameter sprinkler sleeve
•  Programmable microprocessor PLC with 0-30 second adjustable run time and 0-10 second adjustable wait time
•  UL508A panel sticker
•  CSA Listed (selected models)
•  208 Volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, 4 wire, 14.5 FLA

•  50 inch (36 inch single doors) (standard)
•  56 inch (42 inch single doors
•  62 inch (48 inch single doors)

•  54 inch (standard)
•  72 inch

•  Fixed nozzles
•  Concentrated wall nozzle pattern
•  Air knife design
•  Rub rail nozzle protection
•  Wall point ionization system

•  Raised floor return
•  Hazardous location design
•  Type 304 #4 finish stainless steel pharmaceutical package

•  ULPA upgrade to 99.999% on 0.12 micron particles
•  Additional pre-filter on blower
•  Magnehelic gauge – single
•  Magnehelic gauge – dual

•  Powder coated painted cold rolled steel (standard white) (standard)
•  Powder coated painted cold rolled steel (customer specified)
•  Type 304 #4 finish stainless steel walls and cabinet
•  Type 316L 2b finish stainless steel walls and cabinet

•  Steel construction painted
•  Stainless steel construction
•  Acrylic panel – full
•  Split panel design – safety glass/ stainless steel
•  Split panel design – acrylic/ stainless steel
•  Door rub rails
•  Magnetic interlocks -external mount
•  Magnetic interlocks – internal mount
•  Door sweeps – fixed
•  Automatic door sweeps

Optional: Stainless Steel Shell
With the stainless steel shell option, the shell of the exterior and interior air shower is stainless steel. Parts located in the blower compartment behind the interior access panel, i.e. blower, motor, filter support clamps, etc are standard painted or plated materials and not stainless steel.

Optional: ADA Compliant
Sometimes the air showers must comply with the ADA or Americans with Disabilities Act.  This act requires the inside of the air shower to be larger so that an individual in a wheel chair can turn around inside the air shower.  Automatic door openers are an option that also may be required.  The pictured air shower has 42 inch wide doors. Consult your local code officials to see what is required for your application.

Optional: Raised Grated Floor Air Returns
A raised floor can enhance the performance of the air shower, especially with high traffic or where critical cleaning is required.
The raised floor has a heavy duty floor grate made with 1/8″x1″ vertical mounted bars which run the length of the shower and are close enough together to easily walk on.  The large open area between the bars allows most of the dirt and other contamination to fall through the grating into the lower containment area.  The small amount of top area of the 1/8″ bars are “self cleaning” in that as people walk over the bars, contamination that may have settled on the top edge tends to be pushed off and falls into the lower containment plenum.
As the air comes out of the nozzles, it cleans the people inside and flows downward through the floor grate and into the return air plenum, pulling with it contamination that otherwise would settle out on a solid floor.
The floor grate can be easily removed to allow periodic cleaning of the lower plenum.  The 6″ lower plenum typically is mounted below the cleanroom, so the interior grated floor of the air shower is flush with the existing cleanroom floor.