5 Must-Have Cookers from Merican Limited to Equip Your Kitchen for Success

5 Must-Have Cookers from Merican Limited to Equip Your Kitchen for Success

A well-equipped commercial kitchen is the heart of any successful restaurant. Among the most crucial appliances are cookers, which serve as the backbone of any culinary operation. But with so many industrial cookers on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones best suit you. Here at Merican Limited, we understand your needs, that’s why we offer a wide range of top-quality cookers to power your culinary creations.

Commercial Range: The workhorse of any commercial kitchen, a commercial range offers a combination of burners, griddles, and flat tops, often powered by gas or electric elements.  This allows you to boil, sear, simmer, and stir-fry with ease, all on one powerful unit.  Ranges come in various configurations, so you can choose the burner layout and size that best suits your menu and kitchen space.

Convection Oven:  Looking to achieve perfectly browned roasts and evenly baked cookies?  These high-powered ovens use circulating fans to distribute heat evenly, leading to faster cooking times and consistent results.  They’re ideal for restaurants with a high volume of baked goods or roasted dishes.

Griddle:  Perfect for searing steaks, cooking pancakes, or grilling vegetables, a griddle adds another dimension to your cooking capabilities.  Griddles come in smooth or grooved varieties, offering versatility for different dishes.


Deep Fryers

Fryer:  From classic French fries to crispy fried chicken, a fryer is a must-have for many restaurants.  Commercial fryers come in various sizes and configurations; Open fryers are suitable for cooking large quantities of food at once, making them ideal for fast-food establishments and high-volume operations while pressure fryers offer faster cooking times and can help reduce oil absorption, resulting in healthier fried foods.

Combi Oven:  A combi oven combines the functionality of a convection oven with a steamer. This powerhouse allows you to roast, bake, and steam food, all in one unit.  It’s a great space-saving option for kitchens that need the flexibility to handle a variety of cooking methods without sacrificing valuable counter space.


Commercial Range Cooker

Remember, the specific needs of your restaurant will dictate the exact combination of equipment that’s right for you. Merican Limited expert consultants will work with you to understand your menu, food volume, and budget to create the perfect combination of equipment for your culinary vision.  Contact us today at 0740 174 448⁩ and we’ll sort you out!