Commercial kitchen stainless steel exhaust hoods are the most important and most commonly underappreciated part of your restaurant and the ventilation system that connects to it. Merican Limited extraction systems are extremely energy efficient with superior exhaust flow rates. These stainless-steel exhaust hoods are custom designed to provide excellent capture and ventilation of grease, steam, smoke, fumes, and odors. These systems help your kitchen stay cool and comfortable for your staff and customers alike.

These stainless-steel exhaust hoods are equipped with high-powered fans or blowers that remove odors and improve the indoor air quality inside your kitchen. Commercial kitchen fans also remove moisture preventing increased humidity and averting mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

Another reason that commercial kitchen fans are so powerful is that they must maintain the proper velocity to draw all cooking contaminants into the hood. If this is not accomplished properly, grease gets deposited throughout the kitchen, creating a severe fire hazard and the risk of a kitchen fire.

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