A commercial kitchen range is an essential piece of cooking for any food service business. These allow you to perform a variety of cooking tasks within the same unit. The extensive range include equipment designed to excel in every professional catering eventuality.

Your kitchen may require a wall type kitchen range or an island kitchen range. The type of food on your restaurant menu and the number of pax will dictate what type of commercial range you’ll need. An island cooking range is suitable for a restaurant attracting a high capacity of clients. This allows the multiple chefs in the kitchen to utilize both ends of the range and ease movement thereby increasing efficiency. A wall type cooking range works best for an average or smaller kitchen space. This can only be accessed from one side and it also allows for more working surface to the rest of the kitchen space.

Our lines of cooking equipment go through rigorous testing prior to becoming available to our customers to ensure supreme satisfaction. This is because we know the reason behind any good cooking product is its efficiency, fast production, and dependability when needed the most. We highly recommend stainless steel gas ranges because they’re easy to clean, maintain, highly efficient and hygienic. Whether you are looking for units that include a standard oven, Combi cooking range, Griddles, Stock pot stoves, Deep fryers, Storage base/ cabinet, Chargrills, Lavastone grills, you are fully covered.